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Jumbo Cell Anode

PTM manufactures mainly two types of Anodes; our present unit is capable of manufacturing 100 Jumbo anodes per day with an approximate weight of 280 kgs.


Precision Technocrate, we are leaders in fabrication since 1991 and served HZL for 25 years. Our expertises are in Roster Plant, Acid Plants, Heat exchangers, Acid Storage tanks Reactors and chimney with material handling up to the height of 100 Mtrs.


Precision have also entered into the FRP work, we are providing FRP solution for Gantry, Pipes, grating, Channels, beam, supporters, electrolyte cooling, acid proof launders and FRP roof sheets. FRP is mostly used for industrial shades, ware houses etc.

Our Services

  1. Fabrication
  2. Heavy Erection
  3. Dismantling
  4. Shifting
  5. Loading Unloading
  6. FRP works
  7. Jumbo Cell Anodes
  8. Jumbo Cell Cathodes
  9. Civil & Structural
  10. Manpower Supply




FRP Roofsheets, Grating